As a marketing agency, you probably want to help your customers improve their keyword ranking, publish messages on social networks, create great content, increase their clickthrough rates and test their ads. return. on investments. Like any other activity, it’s easy to forget yourself. We are so busy working in the field of creating income and we license our clients that our business, marketing and growth are canceled.

But since we are sure that you always preach to your customers, you can not do it. You must treat yourself as a better client. If you do not, you will never grow to the extent that you dreamed, and you can lose your goals. This does not just apply to the administration of your marketing (which we probably know because you prefer to sell to your customers), but also to your analysis. Every business needs at least one dashboard and does not differ from marketing agencies. A marketing agency is a business, like any other, and stay (or become) profitable, earn and grow, you need to know your numbers.

So, what should a marketing agency do in its panel? Let’s look at eight things that should be on the toolbar for your agency.


Regardless of your industry, if you do not manage your business with your numbers, you are almost sure that you will not succeed. We are all in business to make money and without a clear understanding of your numbers, including revenues, expenses, accounts payable and accounts receivable (at least), you will lose control of your business. We recommend that you add a financial section to your panel (or a separate financial chart) so that you can immediately monitor these items. Although it is obvious that you can not manage all your finances from one card, you can control these items and quickly determine if there is an area that requires your immediate attention.
Regardless of the processing of payments, accounting or the financial application that you use, there is a way to integrate it into the dashboard to stay up to date all the time without opening 100 different applications. Know your numbers!

Google Trends

As a marketing agency, you certainly know Google Trends well. This is a fantastic tool for tracking the progress of certain keywords and phrases. You can see when something starts to shift, where it becomes more popular, the problems associated with it, and how the popularity of this term has grown over time.
Just like you do with your customers, tracking the search terms that you are looking for for your agency will help you stay ahead and allow you to be more flexible in search engine optimization and keyword strategies. Even if you are a marketing agency, you still need to focus on this tactic for your business!

Project Management

As any owner of a marketing agency knows, tracking all projects that you do can be a full-time job! At any given time, probably there are dozens of different projects: from a small logo to a large marketing campaign and everything in between. It can be incredibly difficult to deal with everything that comes and goes out of your customers, but also within your team.
In most agencies, several employees work for one client, depending on the needs and volume of the client. Without effective communication, things can be thrown away, forgotten, or even easily repeated. If you work in the business for more than a few months, it is likely that you have adopted software for project management, such as Basecamp. With simple integration, you can track what happens to each of your clients and projects from a single panel. How good would it be to look at one pointer to keep track of what is happening to your team and your customers? You can do this by adding a project management section to your data area or by creating a separate project management card.

RSS-Channel of The Contest

Again, like any other business, you want to know what your competition is doing. What are you doing with this? What fell? It’s important to keep track of what your main competitors do to imitate successful things, to avoid things that are not so expected, and to find opportunities that competition has not yet recognized.
By adding your competitor’s RSS feed to your wall, you can see when he opened a new blog. You can track the content that you publish, the keywords you are focusing on, and even use it to get ideas for blog posts and fragments of content. Hell, he might even learn something from his competitors. Configure your members’ feeds on the control panel and easily monitor their contents.


Moz is the best friend of any marketing agency. Almost all organizations use it and love it, but they probably use it for their customers and did not even think to use it for you! Marketing agencies are not exempt from the need to manage their content and search engine optimization. Adding a Moz widget to track things like MozRank, page permissions, domain credentials and backlinks will help you better understand your site and what it can (and should) for promoting SERP. research). results page)! If you are not familiar with Moz, read our publication on Moz Analytics and SEO Insights.
Advertising costs
Your agency may have a specialty “pay per click” and be very active on all digital advertising media available from Google Adwords ads on Facebook and Bing. If so, you probably have an excellent reporting function that gives your customers a very detailed idea of ​​how your money is spent, what benefits you receive from these costs, as well as the number of clicks, potential customers and customers. as a result of your advertising costs.
What are you doing for you? Do you use these advertising platforms for your agency? If this is the case, you do not need to log into your advertising accounts every day, but with the help of a dashboard containing information about each of your expenses, you quickly get an idea of ​​the quality of your ads and your costs. , relevance assessments, and your impressions, clicks, actions and conversions are generally good or bad. The presence of this widget (or several widgets) installed in your dashboard will give you the opportunity to track your campaigns without leaving on every platform every day, and you can always quickly identify problems or opportunities.


The chat and ticketing systems have grown exponentially over the past two years and are starting to become the norm over the past two years. As in most marketing agencies, it is likely that you are at the forefront of the curve and have been working for a while in the chat and / or ticketing system. Because not everyone understands marketing or all the moving parts involved in a marketing campaign, it is likely that your visitors and customers will have many questions. Using this support system, you can manage your tickets, agents and satisfaction with support. Integrating all this information into the dashboard will help you track customer satisfaction and avoid problems in your equipment or services before they really become a problem.

Expected Invoices

This guy comes from a financial point of view, but, as all marketing organizations know, customers like to pay their bills late. Of course, in the end, you just want to get money, receiving overdue payments can damage the cash flow. Tracking unpaid invoices on the dashboard can give you an excellent reminder of the customers you need to follow, and encourage them to pay their bills on time.
We are all busy. It’s very easy to attract, focusing on the work of your customers and forgetting that even if you work for your company, you also need to work in your company. Depending on the size of your marketing agency, this may be more or less a problem, but regardless of whether you are a person or an agency of 50 people, you probably got into this trap in the past. This is easily solved by adding a dashboard (or several panels) so that all your important internal checks are simple. If you do not already control the dashboard, try our FOREVER FREE tab. Create your first bulletin board and we are confident that it will change your approach to managing your marketing agency! No credit card, no obligations, just for free.

In addition, we have available options that will help you transfer analytical data to your customers and even an option with a white label. Start today!